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  • Timing: We hand figure quotes within 1 business day of when we receive them. Our operating hours are M-F 9am - 5pm, so quotes submitted over the weekend are not received until Monday morning.
  • Bait and Switch: When you get our quote, it is likely to be a few hundred dollars higher than other quotes you are getting. That's normal! Most brokers use automatic quote calculators that are DESIGNED to quote low in order to entice you in and then they charge you MORE later (Bait and Switch). We don't play those games! We GUARANTEE our price not to change, so you can rest assured our price is accurate.
  • How To Avoid Losing Thousands Of Dollars Webinar: Inside your quote will be a link to a FREE webinar where we show you how you can avoid losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars with car shipping brokers. Here is a sneak peak...despite what they say, over 90% of brokers are NOT insured. Additionally, paying the driver COD is the greatest risk you can have when shipping your car. Why?...Watch the webinar to find out!

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