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The Math Just Doesn't Add up.

When you need to ship your car across the country, the LAST THING you want to do is choose a car shipping company that offers no protection or support. The bad news is, many auto transport brokers manipulate through bait and switch quoting schemes and outright lies. 97% of car shipping companies use deceptive marketing tactics and do not operate with integrity. Their shipment quotes are inaccurate and deceiving.

But there is GOOD NEWS!

At Mr. Car Shipper, we pride ourselves on a commitment to protect you and your car. We manage the chaos so you don't have to. We stick with you from beginning to end, and we are upfront and honest with our pricing. In short, we tell you the truth.

We want you to have the information necessary to make the absolute best choice when you choose a car shipping company. That's why we put together a quick, educational video that teaches you what to look out for in this industry. Check it out!

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Jerry Teeter, CEO
Mr. Car Shipper

Mr. Car Shipper Can Be Trusted.

Insurance: Mr. Car Shipper has Contingent Cargo Insurance to protect you from damages. We don't rely on the truck driver's insurance to provide adequate coverage.

Honest Pricing: Mr. Car Shipper doesn't play the "bait and switch" pricing games that many brokers in the industry are known for.

24/7 Support: Mr. Car Shipper has dispatchers available around the clock ready to assist if you have an issue with your delivery.

A+ Rating: Mr. Car Shipper has an A+ rating with the BBB.

Low Risk: Mr. Car Shipper has protections in place for you if your car sustains damage. Most damages do not qualify for insurance claims. With Mr. Car Shipper, your risk is significantly reduced because of our protections.

Mr. Car Shipper shares the secrets Car Shipping Brokers do not want you to know!







"Throughout my 17 years of experience in the car shipping industry, I have seen the number of dishonest and shady broker firms sky-rocket. Between lead generation websites that simply sell your information and high volume broker firms, it is nearly impossible to find an honest, ethical, and trustworthy broker simply through a Google search.

That's why referrals from trusted partners like PODS, UPack, and AHRN are extremely valuable...they've already done the vetting for you! We are so proud of the positive relationships we've formed with these trusted companies. They know we will take good care of their customers."

- Jerry Teeter, CEO
Mr. Car Shipper

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Is My Car Really Insured


  • Auto Transport Brokers are not required to carry any insurance that protects you, the consumer.
  • ​Carriers are only required by law to have liability insurance, which does not cover the cars they are hauling.
  • ​Nearly all truck drivers do carry "cargo" or load insurance but that amount ranges from $100k-$250k with $2,500-$5,000 deductibles!


  • ​Most auto transport damages that occur are minor and fall under the $2,500 deductible amount that most drivers have.
  • ​Regardless, the trucker is responsible for paying the first $2,500 of any damage and most Brokers do not have protections in place for you to get that paid.


  • ​Mr. Car Shipper guarantees that our customers will not be responsible for the carrier's deductible. If there is a damage claim, we manage the process on your behalf.
  • ​You won't get this guarantee anywhere else!

What Makes Mr. Car Shipper So Different?

Not all car shipping companies offer as much value as Mr. Car Shipper. It's good to understand the differences!

Mr. Car Shipper provides insurance, eliminating much of the risk involved with Vehicle Shipping
  • Contingent Cargo: Mr. Car Shipper is in a very small class of brokers who carry Contingent Cargo Insurance in their own name. This type of insurance is not required, so only 1-2% of brokers obtain it.
  • Protections: Mr. Car Shipper has protections in place so YOU don't get stuck paying for damages. Most damages are less than the driver's deductible. This means their insurance will typically be of no benefit to you.
  • Guidance: Should you need to file an insurance claim, Mr. Car shipper will assist you through the process as it can be difficult and confusing! We don't leave you to fend for yourself.
  • Experienced: Mr. Car Shipper has been shipping cars since 2002.
  • High Ratings: Mr. Car Shipper is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, and has maintained A+ ratings.
  • Accountability: Mr. Car Shipper is constantly monitored for customer satisfaction and performance by AHRN and other moving industry leaders.
  • Stress Relief: Moving is ranked in the top 5 of Most Stressful Life Events. Mr. Car Shipper aims to help relieve you from the stress that can be involved with shipping your car.
  • Honesty: The auto shipping industry is filled with Fly By Night brokers who will tell you anything to get your business. Mr. Car Shipper is happy to give you true, behind the scenes, information so you can make a highly informed decision.
  • Efficiency: Everything about our model is measured against customer protection and efficient processes.

Secrets the Car Shipping Industry Doesn't Want You to know:

Secret #1

Many Damages Do Not Get Paid

Secret #2

Bait and Switch Pricing

Secret #3

Your Broker is Likely Not Insured

Reviews From the Better Business Bureau


January 2021

I had my car Transported from Florida to Arizona. They were extremely thorough and inspecting the vehicle prior to taking and when they delivered. My vehicle actually was delivered earlier than anticipated which was not an issue. Everything was perfect the driver was Very courtesy an kind.

- Adena


November 2020

Mr. Car Shipper was professional throughout the process, from the quote through the drop-off. I found comparable quotes, but I felt confident that Mr. Car Shipper wouldn't pull a bait and switch. I had no problems and recommend them in the future.



Is Mr. Car Shipper a broker?

Yes, and so is every other vehicle shipping company giving out quotes. No carrier in the U.S. owns enough trucks and trailers to service the entire nation. Auto transport brokers like Mr. Car Shipper are necessary to connect someone who needs to ship a vehicle with a reputable carrier that’s on the right route at the right time.

Why do the quotes I'm getting vary so much?

If you’re shopping around for quotes, you’ve noticed prices from different companies can vary by hundreds of dollars. There can be a couple of reasons for this.

First, every honest broker has to estimate the true cost of shipping. Our sales team does the math, analyzes the current shipping climate for your route, and then makes a projection of what a carrier will need to move your vehicle. Your quote is based on this projection.

Don’t worry though, your cost won’t change from what we quoted you. We at Mr. Car Shipper stand by our quotes. Even if it means we wind up losing money on your vehicle move, we will not change your price.

And that leads us to the second, and unfortunately more common reason quotes vary so much. There are a lot of dishonest auto transport brokers out there. The scam works like this: They quote your move at a cost significantly less expensive than ours and they make you promises no one in the industry could keep. You pay a non-refundable deposit to book your shipment and you think it’s all set. Then, they call you a couple days before your ship date to tell you they couldn’t get it moved for what they quoted you and they need to raise your price. But now you’re stuck with them because they already have your deposit.

Is my vehicle insured?

Absolutely. Mr. Car Shipper only works with carriers who have a minimum $100,000 of coverage per vehicle. On top of that, Mr. Car Shipper also maintains our own insurance policy that provides an additional $100,000 in coverage, something 9 out of 10 brokers do not provide. When you ship with us, your vehicle is literally double-insured.