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Most Car Shipping Damages Do NOT Get Paid

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

🚗 Mr. Car Shipper's CEO, Jerry Teater, Explains Car Shipping Risks and Solutions 🚗

Are you worried about what happens if your car gets damaged during shipping? Jerry Teater, founder and CEO of Mr. Car Shipper, dives deep into the world of car shipping insurance and how to avoid common pitfalls in the industry.

⭐ Key Highlights ⭐

[00:00] Introduction to Car Shipping Concerns

[00:25] The Truth Behind Car Shipping Brokers' Insurance

[00:48] The Reality of Insurance Claims in Car Shipping

[01:20] Understanding the Insurance Language in Contracts

[02:09] How Deductibles Affect Your Claims

[03:00] The Challenges with C.O.D. Payment Methods

[03:55] The Difficulties in Collecting Damage Claims

[04:23] The Misleading Zero Deductible Guarantees

[05:27] Mr. Car Shipper's Approach to Protecting Your Vehicle

[06:19] Partnering with Industry Leaders for Reliable Service

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Unique approach to handling damage claims

Full-service guidance through the entire shipping process

Partnerships with industry leaders like Pods, U-Pack, and 1-800-PACK-RAT

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Transcript From Video

One of the most common questions that we get from new car shippers is what happens if my car gets damaged? Hi, my name is Jerry Teater and I'm the founder and CEO here at Mr. Car Shipper, where our mission is to save as many consumers from predatory or shipping brokers as possible. Now, a simple search of car shopping on Google will reveal a ton of websites that all have one thing in common.

They all say that they're licensed and insured. Now, this is meant to communicate that they're legit and will cover damages should that happen. But what they don't tell you is that the insurance that they're advertising is actually not their insurance. Would it surprise you to hear that less than 3% of car shipping brokers actually have any insurance in their name?

And 0% of lead generation sites have any insurance. You know, lead generation sites. They're not even real transport companies, even though they do a really good job of looking like they are. Now, the reality is that the insurance claim is one of the many bait and switch schemes that exist in the car shipping industry. You see, 97% of brokers are they're simply relying on the substandard high deductible cargo insurance policy of the truckers that they're hiring.

Let's look at the language they use in their contracts. You know, they simply say things like, you know, the shipments are insured, but they never discuss the level of insurance or the quality of it. You know, as insurance costs continue to go up and truck drivers are continually raising their deductibles, they're lowering their coverages, too, in order to keep those premiums affordable.

You know, the average cargo insurance deductible today starts at about 20 $500. And we've seen them go as high as $10,000. And unlike consumer car insurance, these commercial policies, they require the policyholder, which is the truck driver. You pay all of the damages up to their deductible amount out of their pocket. And if the damage amount doesn't meet that deductible, well, then you can't even file a claim.

So what does this really mean for you? Well, if the driver assigned to your load has, let's say, a 30 $500 deductible and does $2,000 in damage to your vehicle, he has to first admit that he did the damage. Second, he has to agree to pay for the damage. And then number three, he actually has to follow through and pay for that damage once your car is repaired.

Now, as a 20 year veteran of the car shipping industry, I can assure you that it's a very rare occurrence for a truck driver to admit that he damaged your vehicle and then proceed to pay you out of their pocket. You know, occasionally it does happen, but it's as rare as an honest politician. So now to my claim that most car shipping damages go unpaid, you know, over 99% of car shipping brokers utilize the code payment method.

And this means that you pay the broker a few hundred dollars at the beginning of the shipment, and then the rest is paid in cash directly to the driver delivery. Now, regardless of damage, the transportation laws state that on a C or D contract, the transportation fees and the damage claims are two separate issues. So even if your car arrives with damage, you're still required by law to pay that full C.O.D.

Amount to the driver and then attempt to collect it down the road for the damages that he did to your car. And so here's where most damage claims don't get paid. You know, most car shipping related damages are minor, and they fall under $3,000 in cost. Even in today's high prices, and since almost all deductibles start at 20 $500, it's rare that the damage amount meets the threshold to even file an insurance claim.

And because most brokers utilize the sealed model that forces you to deal directly with the truck driver, it's up to you to know all the steps you have to go through on a damage claim and then collect from that driver. That will likely deny the claim that he even did the damage. And I can tell you that collecting from a driver who doesn't think they did the damage and is constantly moving all over the country, you know, you can see how it's almost impossible to collect on these claims.

So the final result is that most damages get paid out of pocket by the vehicle owner and then turned into their own insurance, subjecting them to their own deductible. Now, a recent sales tactic that has started making its way throughout the industry is a zero deductible guarantee. And on the surface that seems like a great protection. But if you read through the fine print, many of these will still stipulate that the drivers insurance is the insurance of record and that the maximum limit of the broker or this guarantee is his broker fee.

Across the industry we're only talking about a few hundred bucks, so it's nothing but another bait and switch scheme. You know, here at Mr. Car Shipper, we never utilize the C.O.D model. This gives you so many more protections that go beyond potential damages because we charge the full amount to your credit card, and then we pay the driver after he has delivered your car and has proven that there's no damage.

You know, we maintain that leverage necessary to settle legitimate claims with little or no money out of your pocket. You know, Mr. Car Shipper is one of the very few car shipping brokers that actually walks through the damage claims process with our customers advising you along the way to make sure that your rights and your vehicle are protected and if necessary, holding the drivers accountable.

So if you're moving over 500 miles and you have at least one vehicle, you know, Mr. Car Shipper is your transportation expert. You know, nearly all of our customers are in the process of moving. So, you know, we fully understand all the stresses and the nuances that you're going through right now. You know, Mr. Car Shipper is the official car shipping partner for industry moving leaders like pods you pack and one 800 packrat.

No other car shipping company in the country can hold that title. So if you want to get a no obligation quote that is guaranteed not to change and is not to have bait and switch tactics or, you know, all the other scammy things that's going on, I encourage you go to Mr. Carr ship recom get a quote or call 18774211284.

Thank you. And we look forward to serving you soon.

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