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Mr. Car Shipper Affiliate Referral Program

serve your customers better
and get paid! 

Don't leave your long distance move customers to find their car shipper on Google!  This puts them at a HIGH risk of hiring a predatory car shipping broker.  If you book at least 10 long distance moves per month, we can help you serve your customers and PAY YOU for the referral.

who is mr. car shipper?

Mr. Car Shipper began in 2002 as Teeter Auto Transport and was a Midwest regional car hauling company working for car dealers and auto auctions.  In 2004, they added brokerage services to service the newly launched eBay Motors market which lead the way for consumers buying and selling vehicles all over the country.

In 2012, the company rebranded to the Mr. Car Shipper name and started focusing on the moving market supporting consumers who are moving their home long distance (more than 500 miles).  Since then, Mr. Car Shipper has earned the right to be the recommended car shipping partner for the top 3 self service moving companies in the U.S.: PODS, U-Pack, and 1-800-Pack-Rat.  In 2022, Mr. Car Shipper was awarded the prestigious BBB Torch Award for Ethics.

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is your business qualified to apply?

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Do You provide a service to the moving industry?

Mr. Car Shipper works exclusively in the moving industry and we know the moving process better than any car shipping company out there.  If you have a business that serves consumers moving long distance, then we want to partner with you to remove one more stress off their plate.

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do you book At Least 10 long distance moves per month?

While we work with major moving providers like PODS, UPack, and 1-800-Packrat, we also work with small moving companies and moving service providers.  If you are moving at least 10 long distance moves per month, then we can pay you for your referrals.

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do you want to serve your customer well?

Let us be blunt.  The car shipping industry does not have the best reputation, and unfortunately, it has been well earned.  The most common way consumers find their car shipping provider is through a Google search, and that is the easiest way for them to be taken advantage of.  Save them the frustration by referring them to a trusted partner.

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why mr. car shipper?

Since 2002, Mr. Car Shipper has been a leader in bringing business ethics to the car shipping industry.  In 2008, the company, then operating under the name Teeter Auto Transport, was awarded the BBB Integrity Award.  In 2022, Mr. Car Shipper was again awarded the same award, now called the BBB Torch Award for Ethics.

But it doesn't stop there.  Here are a few more reasons why you can trust Mr. Car Shipper with your brand reputation:

  • Major Brands Trust Us: Mr. Car Shipper is the preferred car shipping provider for PODS, UPack, and 1-800-Packrat.  These companies constantly monitor customer satisfaction and our performance to ensure we are representing their brands in a positive way.
  • High Customer Ratings: Check out our customer ratings on Google, BBB, and Transport Reviews.  We consistently maintain high ratings across all platforms.
  • Protections For Your Customers: Why can Mr. Car Shipper provide such good service that the rest of industry can't?  Because we do it DIFFERENT that 99% of the rest of the industry.  We DON'T do COD!  We DON'T hand you off to the driver!  We carry contingent cargo insurance to protect their vehicle.   We HELP customers through damage claims.  And this is just a sample of our offerings.

how does the referral program work?

it's as easy as 1..2..3

Partnering with Mr. Car Shipper is a simple process.

1.  Fill out our simple application that collects your basic information (business name, contact info, etc.)

2. Our business development representative will call you to confirm your information and answer any questions you may have.

3. Refer your customers and get paid 3% of the transport fee each time they book their car shipment through Mr. Car Shipper.

Do you ship more than 100 long distance moves per month?  If that is you, we have a program just for you.  Call David Brooks at 402.300.8111 or email david.brooks@mrcarshipper.com for more information.

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David Brooks | Business Development Representative

how do i apply

It takes less than 60 seconds to fill out the information we need to get you started being a referral partner of Mr. Car Shipper.  Simply click the link below to start earning.